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Born in Genoa Pegli (Italy) where she lives, Claudia Pastorino is an italian singer-songwriter, teacher of singing and singing-therapy, and activist. 

Since 1990 she was the first female singer-songwriter of the famous so-called Genoese School of Singer-Songwriters. 

She has founded in 2000 the Italian School of Singing-Therapy where she teaches.

She has published eight CDs:


Claudia has been devoting herself to Jainism
study and practice since 1994.

She has translated in italian language and published in Italy the following Jain books:

SAMAN SUTTAM  The Basis of Jainism, the most ancient Doctrine of Nonviolence  (published in Italy in 2001 by MONDADORI Editor)

JAINISM The most ancient Doctrine of Nonviolence, Compassion and Ecology   (published in Italy in 2002  by COSMOPOLIS Editor)
This Book contains the italian translation of  THE BOOK OF COMPASSION - REVERENCE FOR ALL LIFE

THE ESSENCE OF JAINISM History, Philosophy, Tales   (published in Italy in 2003 by Editori Riuniti).

Claudia has also contributed to the book VEGAGENDA 2012 (Sonda Edizioni) with her 14 Inserts on Jainism Issues.

In 1983 Claudia founded in Genoa the Antivivisection Association  and the Vegetarian Association.


You can write directly to Claudia: claudiapastorino@libero.it

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